LORNA LOVES: Taking the Nautical Line

This week we are diving into the world of our founder Lorna and exploring one of her great loves - sailing. Carefree summer days at the sea are synonymous with our new Spring Summer 22 collection and sailing has long played a significant part in Lorna’s life “I love the sense of freedom, lightness and reverence that sailing evokes”. 

Here we dive deeper into how the ocean captured her heart.


Lorna spent much of her childhood on adventures exploring rural Scotland where she learnt to sail, loving the freedom it provides. “sailing allows you to access more remote areas and inlets and see the world from a different perspective that is connected to nature and the elements”. Scotland is teaming with marine and birdlife and exploring it by boat provides amazing opportunities to appreciate these first hand. This has fed Lorna's hunger for sailing adventures further afield, but it is where the mountains meet the sea, that Lorna is most drawn to.

Lorna loves

The Outer Hebrides

  • Immerse yourself in the history and ancestry of the neolithic standing stones of Callanish, thought to have been an astronomical observatory 5,000 years ago.
  • Cultivate a lifelong love affair with Barra, long famed for its powder white sand beaches that are as beautiful as any tropical destination.
  • Explore the history of Bonnie Prince Charlie and sample the inevitable ‘wee dram’ in Eriksey.

The Greek Islands 

  • The Cyclades and the Ionian Islands in summer are sublime, where myth and enchantment meet crystal clear waters and ribbons of sugar soft sand.

The Gulf of Thailand 

  • There are still many uninhabited islands and unspoiled archipelagos to discover here. Buying freshly caught fish from local fisherman to barbecue on the boat is a particular favourite, and night swimming is an absolute must.


The grace and ease of life at sea is Lorna’s failsafe way to reset. Life takes a new rhythm out in the vast expanse of the ocean that is calm and meditative and there are so many magical and unexpected experiences to enjoy. From the secure environment of a sail boat, Lorna loves to explore hidden, tucked away gems, and soak up the cultural experiences that each new destination presents. Relax, reinvigorate, reset.

Lorna Loves:

  • Setting Sail Playlist - Listen on Soundcloud or Listen on YouTube - Reminiscent of long hot days at sea, this playlist takes us on a journey at sea, breathing in the ocean air and the insouciance of the waves.
  • Biofluorescent swimming in Thailand - “immersed in the ocean at night is like swimming among the stars of the milky way. This is, hands down the most magical, ethereal experience”.
  • Dining alfresco at a newly discovered beachfront restaurant - this is the time of day to really dress up, with the perfect STELAR bag and accessories to match. Cocktail in hand, and waves lapping at your feet.


Connecting to the greater force of the elements is both humbling and awe inspiring. As a qualified designer and goldsmith, there is also a technical side to Lorna that is drawn to the science of sailing. Combining a need for precision, being present in the moment and having the ability to flow with nature, it is grounding and inspiring in equal measure.

Lorna loves:

  • Listening to the shipping forecast - evoking a sense of nostalgia from her childhood, when tuning to her grandparents' old radio. There is something deeply reassuring and reverent about maritime updates.
  • Rope Knots - Lorna has regularly found herself drawn to the intricate details of rope knots, which have been a huge inspiration throughout our collections. Functional, timeless and versatile. 
  • Nautical Maps - “I just love the art and precision of cartography”. It brings a much greater sense of perspective to life along with a depth of history for far flung places.

Whisk us away on a boat, take the helm or kick back and relax. Discovery, nostalgia, adventure and freedom. 

Sailing, we think you've captured our hearts too.