Follow our atta, from plant to Poso

Indigenous to the volcanic foothills of Bali, our organic atta grass is a natural plant fibre that is grown and harvested on the land of our artisan communities. When ready, the grass is harvested by our artisans by hand.

Harvesting atta grass in Bali


The long, thin strands of grass are then stripped of their leaves and split into thinner sections, which are dried naturally in the sun. During the drying and weaving process, it becomes as tensile as steel and shower resistant, ensuring all of our goods are made to last.

Atta grass in production


Our Poso's top seam edges are completed using a hand-stitching technique with finer atta grass, to ensure a robust and refined finish. After weaving, the body of the bag is placed out in the sun, so that the grass can dry out even further, adding more strength and tensility to the final structure.

Complete Poso shopper with unique code


The atta artisan community we collaborate with are 4th-generation weavers, located in East Bali, in the villages their craft originates from. Our signature jacquard straps are then expertly assembled, stitched by hand and completed with a unique code that connects you to the artisan who crafted it.