LORNA LOVES: Our founder's latest musings

From time to time, we like to delve into the world of our founder, Lorna Watson, to find out what’s making her tick. Through our ‘Lorna Loves’ series, we’ll share what Lorna’s currently musing on, be it a book, film, thought or place.

I’m re-reading: Cradle to Cradle by Michael Braungart and William McDonough. “Here’s where redesign begins in earnest, where we stop trying to be less bad and start figuring out how to be good.”

I’m watching: You can see the Aurora Borealis from the north of Scotland. Since October 2020 there's been an almost weekly display of breathtaking Northern Lights, as a particularly rare storm has been taking place in the solar system.

I'm listening to: Can't Get You out of My Head (Cover) by AnnenMayKantereit x Parcel. Henning May's voice is incredible.

I'm spending time: at Dumfries House, Ayrshire. I used to walk my dog on this estate when I was a teenager and only discovered in my 20’s that the house was designed by Robert Adam and houses the single most valuable Chippendale collection in the world. Every item inside the house was specially commissioned and the estate, home and contents are now considered to be one of Scotland's most national treasures.

I'm enjoying: Apple Salut You - a cocktail from one of my favourite restaurants, The Palomar. It’s made from Kraken Black Spiced Rum, lemon juice, cloudy apple juice, cinnamon and prosecco.