STELAR was born in Bali, in response to a rapid decline in age-old artisanal skills. Originally trained as a goldsmith, our founder, Lorna Watson, is a passionate advocate for the role that craftsmanship plays within the fabric of culture.

We believe that indigenous skills are irreplaceable and form a critical role in maintaining local heritage and customs, as does the preservation of cultural integrity to the lineage and livelihoods of future artisans and their communities.

The onset of mass production and demands for cheaper labour within the fast fashion industry has meant that age-old craftsmanship skills have been struggling to survive. With little value placed on the history, culture, and expertise behind these skills, many artisans have been forced to leave their communities to compete for menial labour, at considerable social cost, while still struggling to make a reasonable living for themselves and their families.

We don't have a mission, we are on a mission. By adopting a collaborative approach, and working directly within these communities, we are able to re-imagine skills with a collective vision that we believe is far more exciting then a singular one would be.

Organic Farming

Regenerative Agriculture