Fashion with a Conscience:

How Your Style Choices Can Make a Positive Impact on the Planet


Fashion has a big impact on both people and planet. As we know, it's one of the world's most polluting industries and is responsible for the exploitation of millions of garment workers around the globe. However, when fashion works for the good of the planet and its people, it has the potential to be truly transformative.

We now have more in-depth knowledge around sustainability and ethics than ever before. And, with this, comes an increase in demand for transparency and accountability from the brands we purchase from.

STELAR is a purpose-led brand founded on the principles of community, craftsmanship, transparency and regeneration. Born and established in Bali, we collaborate with local artisan communities to create luxury handcrafted bags and accessories that preserve high-level heritage weaving skills.,


STELAR is setting new industry standards of traceability; bringing value to the people and skills behind each item we create, not only the item itself. We believe that knowing where your purchases come from should be a standard, not a luxury. Which is why everything we make comes with a unique code, connecting you to the artisan who created it.

We collaborate with over 120 artisans, who are paid an average of 2.4 times the national living wage, working from their homes in the villages their craft originates from, using materials that are, wherever possible, grown organically and harvested on their own land.

Given that 90% of all consumer goods will be mass produced by robots in the next five years, goods that are handcrafted using heritage skills like STELAR's will hold - and retain - immense cultural value and significance. They are the future's heirlooms, designed and made to last.


When you purchase from STELAR, you are not only supporting the greater cause of accountability within the fashion industry, you are also taking ownership of a beautifully handcrafted handbag or accessory that you can authentically - and easily - trace back to source.

Our Poso shopper is one of our best-selling vegan basket bags. Available in two sizes, it's skilfully handcrafted using atta, a natural plant fibre that is grown on the land of a 4th-generation weaving community, located in East Bali.

During the drying and weaving process, atta grass becomes as strong as steel and shower resistant, bringing form and durability to the final woven structure. Our signature jacquard straps are then stitched onto the bag by hand and it is completed with a unique code.

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We deliver worldwide from our online store, with all duties and taxes included in our displayed prices - so there'll be no unwelcome surprises when your STELAR purchases arrive. Shop our collection and make your own pledge to responsible fashion.

Organically grown, plant-based fibres, indigenous to our Indonesian homeland.

Ethically sourced leather from a silver-rated member of the Leather Working Group.

Made in communities, not factories; a regenerative approach to people and planet.

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