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Membawa Jacquard Cross Body Strap – Tomato Red


Our new ‘it-strap’, this striking jacquard cross-body strap can be worn with any STELAR bag or wallet that comes with a detachable strap.

We love to pair ours with our Alor Drum Bags by day, our Nias wallet by night and our Morotai Tote basket bag for holiday.

Simply attach this statement-making strap to your favourite STELAR handbag or wallet and effortlessly update your style in the blink of an eye!

This strap is hand-crafted from hand-washable cotton in bold shades of red , black, green, orange and cream, with light yellow gold tone clasps.

It is hand-crafted in a stunning hand-washable contemporary jacquard pattern with light yellow gold-tone clasps.

Cotton Jacquard, Light Yellow Gold Tone Clasps


Length 1m 20cm
Depth 5.5cm
Width 2mm


Product features


We believe every beautifully hand-crafted item has an equally fine story behind it. Which is why the unique code, on the disc attached to your STELAR bag or wallet, allows you to verify its origin and attributes. Forging connections between our artisans, the communities we are regenerating, and you.


Referencing the past whilst embracing the future, we are looking at new ways to re-interpret age-old techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. By bringing a contemporary relevance to these skills, we are able to sustain this expertise, support the communities that rely upon them and train the artisans of the future.


Working directly with artisans in East Bali, we create unique, hand-crafted goods with history and meaning. Every item in our range cultivates age-old artisanal techniques through contemporary design, and is hand-woven using the finest locally sourced materials.