Our unique code system

We want to bring the authentic stories of the people and skills behind our products to the forefront of everything we do, which is why the unique code, on the disc attached to your STELAR item, allows you to verify it’s origin and attributes and discover more about the artisan and craftsmanship involved in it’s creation. Forging connections between our artisans, the communities we are regenerating, and you.

1. Your unique code
2. Enter your code
3. Meet your artisan

Your STELAR artisan

Pak Nyoman

Pak Nyoman originates from the village of Buda Kling in Bali. He learned to weave as a child, with coconut leaves to make mats for him and his family to sit on and later became a jeweller, weaving silver. When we asked Pak Nyoman what he enjoys most about weaving for STELAR he told us that he loves the creativity involved and working with colour and that he is able to weave at home with his family where they can generate a good income together


Your STELAR product

Moyo Drum Bag

This relaxed style round bag can be handheld using the detachable wrist strap, worn underarm using the medium woven shoulder strap or cross body with a longer length strap. It has a yellow gold zip fastening along the top half, a yellow leather tassle on the zip pull and comes with a detachable matching leather wrist strap and detachable medium length woven shoulder strap. Additional strap lengths, styles and colours are available for purchase separately to customise your look. Every bag comes with its own unique code which connects you to the artisan who handcrafted it for you. Handmade in Bali


Our artisans at work

Working directly with our team of local artisans in Bali, we create unique, hand-crafted leather goods with history and meaning. By bringing a contemporary relevance to traditional skills, we are able to sustain this expertise whilst re-generating the communities that rely upon them.