We collaborate directly with artisan communities in Bali and Lombok, working together to meet a number of meaningful, shared objectives. These include:

- Re-imagining and elevating traditional weaving skills to share them with the rest of the world

-Supporting artisans so that they can choose to remain in their communities, with flexible working hours from home

- Regenerating the rich, age-old craftsmanship that Bali and Lombok are well known for

- Utilising locally grown and produced materials wherever possible

- Providing long-term, consistent and well-paid livelihoods for existing and next generation artisans

- Creating a measurable, significant and positive impact within the communities we collaborate with

Putu Purnami | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Memen Oca | Master Leather Weaver

Pak Esa | Master Leather Weaver

Putu Awan | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Ibu Kadek Lily | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Ibu Made Sumiati | Master Leather Weaver

Pak Nyoman | Master Leather Weaver

Ibu Moly | Leather Weaver

Ibu Ketut Sepiani | Master Leather Weaver

Pak Dedik | Leather Weaver

Putu Eka

Pak Komang Rastika | Atta Grass Weaver

Nengah Mangku Karba | Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Komang Ari | Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Wayan Suladri | Atta Grass Weaver

Pak Ketut Plono | Master Atta Grass Weaver

Wayan Soma | Atta Grass Weaver

Wayan Durpa | Master Atta Grass Weaver

Pak Sucito | Leather Weaver

Ibu Ilu Watini | Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Nyoman | Atta Grass Weaver

Pak Ketut Putra | Atta Grass Weaver

Pak Wayan Kentil | Atta Grass Weaver

Putu Adi Ariawan | Apprentice Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Aton | Master Bamboo Weaver

Devi Purniawati | Leather Weaver

Niluh Suati | Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Ketut Mariani | Atta Grass Weaver

Dwi Wati | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Ibu Puspa Wati | Master Leather Weaver

Intan | Apprentice Bamboo Weaver

​​Merlinda Wati | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Pak Fadli | Master Bamboo Weaver

Pak Yat | Bamboo Weaver

Uni Sahuni | Bamboo Weaver

Pak Taufik

Bulan Yuliarti

Ibu Ayu Ratnawati

Kartika Wiguna

Kadek Ardika

Pak Nengah Serinada


Wayan Suarsi

Ibu Wayan Kartini | Leather Weaver

Ayu Bintang

Ibu Enggar

Ibu Sanira

Ibu Sadiah

Ibuh Iluh Sugiarti

Pak Gustu

STELAR was founded in 2018 when we began collaborating with 5 artisans in a small atta weaving community in East Bali.

Since then, we have established strong collaborations with 

5 communities and over 60 highly skilled artisans

Celebrating 5 different highly skilled weaving techniques

In addition, we have founded an apprenticeship programme for next generation artisans. Over the past 6 weeks, we have fully trained

12 new apprentice artisans

We are committed to providing long term sustainable growth within these, and additional, communities and look forward to sharing regular updates with you.