Autumn/Winter 2022 'Secrets of the Subterranean'

STELAR's founder, Lorna Watson, has always had a passion for geology and mineralogy, and it's her fascination with the earth's intricate make up that has inspired our latest collection. We enter into a world of subterranean wonder for AW22, with a palette that's drawn from the colours contained within minerals and rocks.



True to STELAR, the collection honours the ancestral leather-weaving skills of our artisan communities, combining new techniques that explore different hand-cut strips of leather and playful accent brights over two striking new colourways. For our Anthracite colourway, chartreuse and lavender team up to set off an elegant metallic navy, while the bitter chocolate backdrop of Rhodolite's colourway is enlivened with quartz pink and brick red.

Artful tailoring techniques create soft structures for AW22, with gathering introduced to two new handbag styles, creating a rippling effect and the feel of fluidity. The collection's crystalline colours continue to two wearable purses - designed to carry currency along with everyday essentials - and update both our jacquard and leather belts.



Designed to hold it all, our oversize Ubud grab bag blends practicality with purpose, and our new Uma woven clutch cleverly intertwines leather and jacquard to create style and substance in a wearable midnight navy. Along with the Wini gathered clutch, this features a rope strap, so it can double up as a cross-body bag.

STELAR's AW22 collection acknowledges the nebulous energetic relationships that can be found in geology, and pays reverence to nature's demonstration of a deeper intelligence. Through every item's design, we reveal and revel in the kaleidoscope of colours that can be found below ground, when you look close enough.




We’ll be slowly releasing the collection in stages over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for new styles as they drop.