Behind the Bag: Poso Shopper

For the second of our 'Behind the Bag' Journal series, we're sharing the story of how our Poso shopper is created. Our Poso comes in two sizes, and has been designed and crafted with both style and convenience in mind. Structured in form to create assured stability, it's an enduring and chic handbag that effortlessly marries practicality and charm.

STELAR atta grass harvesting bali


Atta grass is indigenous to the volcanic foothills of East Bali, and the artisans we work with grow it organically on their own land. When ready, the grass is harvested by our artisans by hand. The grass' long thin strands are then stripped of their leaves and split into thinner sections, which are laid out and left to dry naturally in the sun.

The sun-drying process increases the robust and water-resistant properties of atta grass, which is what makes it such a versatile and practical material. So, whilst the preparation of the grass may take a long time, it's incredibly important to the longevity of the finished item.

atta grass handbag


Once the strands of grass are sun-dried - a process that can take between four two six weeks - the handweaving can begin. Our Poso handbag is crafted from the bottom up, weaving in a spiral-like pattern that forms the base first, before moving up and across to the sides. This highly skilled continuum weaving technique results in no external seams, and establishes the handbag's structure and innate durability.

The Poso's top seam edges are then completed using a hand-stitching technique with more atta grass, to ensure a robust and refined finish. The bag is then placed out in the sun, so that the grass can dry out even further, which adds even more strength and tensility to the finished structure as it dries into shape.

STELAR Poso shopper large


The Poso's detailing comes next, and is all created by hand - right down to the last stitch. Our iconic and intricately woven jacquard straps are hand stitched to the atta structure and an internal drawstring pouch, which is crafted in hard-wearing cotton drill, is tailored to fit and assembled inside the atta grass bag.

The finishing touch; the attachment of our signature gold-tone disc that's embossed with a unique code that connects the handbag's future custodian with the artisan who crafted it for them. From start to finish, our Poso takes up to two weeks to handcraft - an accomplished example slow fashion, at it's finest.