Celebrating Saraswati: Bali's Day of Knowledge

On 20th May, the Balinese celebrate a 'Day of Knowledge' in celebration of Saraswati - the goddess of knowledge, creative arts, wisdom, language, learning and purity. As a business founded on ancient Balinese weaving skills, we take this day as an opportunity to give thanks, and honour Saraswati alongside our Balinese community.

For us, it's also a time to turn our appreciation to the female artisans we work with, who each represent an ancient thread of knowledge that has been preserved through generations. By collaborating together, we are reimagining these age-old weaving techniques, ensuring that they are cultivated and valued today, and for generations to come.


Saraswati is represented as a beautiful woman with four hands, in which she holds a lontar, a palm-leaf manuscript; a chain, which symbolises knowledge; and a veena, a musical instrument symbolising science and how it develops with culture.

On Saraswati Day itself, students dress in traditional ceremonial clothes to attend their place of study and participate in communal thanksgiving. Their books are piled high and blessed with offerings of flowers and fruit, and sprinkled with holy water. This is an opportunity to pray for guidance in learning and leading a life of harmony.


Like Saraswati Day, Bali's sense of spirituality really resonates with us. We appreciate that living in balance as an individual impacts on the greater harmony of life around us. We adopt this outlook as a business, incorporating consideration for one and all and creating a joyful and collaborative culture in and around STELAR - wherever we are in the world.