Festival Season


The summer months are upon us, which means festival season has arrived. This week in Bali we have the return of Galungan, one of our best loved celebrations, and a reminder to be grateful for all the good times in our lives. Here's a quick guide to Galungan, why it is so special and how it epitomises the essence and spirit of STELAR.


During Galungan, the streets of Bali transport us to a different world, where gods and spirits exist side by side with us mere mortals. The festival celebrates the triumph of dharma over adharma - good over evil - and is a time of reflection and appreciation for family and friends. With so much turmoil in the world today, the significance of this seems more relevant than ever. Lying at the heart of STELAR, community and connection are woven through everything we do.


Bali’s enduring appeal is founded on the sheer colour of its traditional culture. And at no time is that vibrancy more on show than during festival periods. One of the most colourful and impressive religious celebrations throughout the Indonesian archipelago, Galungan draws on the bright and bold beauty of nature and local resources, and it’s this vibrancy that inspires much of the detail and styling of our STELAR range.


Galungan is an unforgettable experience for all the senses. A celebration of all that we have to be grateful for, with a deep sense of joy at every turn. As the bamboo penjor poles outside every house reach high with abundant and symbolic offerings to the heavens, the entire island is swathed in magic. We love to wander through the avenues of penjors, and lose ourselves in this ethereal wonderland, embracing the spirit of gratitude and respect that only Galungan can bring in such a mesmerising way.

This magical essence is reflected throughout our STELAR collection, and none more so than our raffia bags, which are the ultimate festival accessory. Playful, practical and personal - these are our bags of choice to set the perfect summer scene.

Ayu Handheld Bucket Bag - Sunshine Yellow

Raha Medium Oval Bag - Emerald Green 

Raha Small Oval Bag - Hot Coral

As Galungan rings in this week, Bali is warming us up for a summer of celebrations ahead. So grab your favourite STELAR bag and head off into the sunset, ready for the party to begin.