How to style our belts

Celebrating the timeless versatility of belts for a welcome wardrobe refresh

As we emerge from the always-at-home cocoon of comfortable clothes and shapeless silhouettes, we are looking to accessories for an instant - and easy - outfit update. Our gorgeous, handwoven belts provide a playful way to re-style your favourite wardrobe pieces, which makes for a sustainable choice too, as you revamp the old rather than buying new - something that STELAR whole-heartedly support.

STELAR Meno Belt in Mariner


The rope belt is a sartorial staple, and adds an element of effortless chic to any ensemble. What feels more laid back than casually knotting a woven length of leather around your favourite shirt or dress? Reminiscent of a retro-filtered riviera, we love how our MENO woven belts can be personalised depending on how they're tied, or where you wear the knot, as it creates room for play and experimentation.

Handcrafted in Bali, our MENO belts are woven in a considered range of colours that include statement tones of tomato red and nightfall black, and a palette that pulls on the iconic colours of the Côte d'Azur - think electric blue, sea green, summer-sky turquoise and sandy caramel. Their simplicity makes them a styling no-brainer, whether thrown on to create shape and accentuate curves, or worn to inject interest over a combination of your best basics.



Elevating an outfit is a cinch with our SUNDA jacquard belts, which are designed to be worn in myriad ways so you can switch up your style in an instant. Handmade by our skilled artisans, the jacquard weave is wonderfully realised in a spectrum of wearable colourways. For example, gold and indigo combine with khaki green for earthy appeal, whilst black, olive and blue will drift deftly from day to night.

The refined design of our SUNDA belts ensures absolute wearability, and an opportunity to explore different styling techniques. They work just as well as part of a bohemian pattern-clashing look as they do taking centre stage over a succinct set of tailored monochrome. The artful patterns of the weave add just enough interest to make this belt truly versatile. Team it with our MENO rope belt for a distinct double act.



True to STELAR, all of our belts are created using traditional weaving techniques that are innate to Indonesian culture. Our belt styles are designed with flexibility in mind, and can be worn either through belt loops in the utilitarian way, or hanging loose, hinting to the hedonistic. The belt ends can be left to casually trail over your outfit, or looped back and around for a fitting fusion of function and form.

Whatever resonates with your personal style goes, as far as STELAR is concerned. And whatever the weather in your part of the world, a belt can be a bold sartorial tool. Whether you're wrapping yours around a sheer beach kaftan, cinching your favourite high-waisted jeans, or creating shape in your go-to oversize blazer, we'd love to see how you're styling your STELAR. Share what you wear with the hashtag #mystelar


STELAR Sunda Jacquard Belts