Lorna Loves: Our founder's latest musings

We take another dive into the world of STELAR's founder, Lorna Watson, to discover what's been peaking her curiosity over recent weeks. Get to know the brain behind the brand a little bit better, with the next installment of our 'Lorna Loves' series.

I'm currently obsessed with: ice flowers. They're transient ice-crystal 'flowers' made up of layers of ice which form when the temperature plummets below freezing but the ground temperature doesn't. If I'm really lucky, when I'm back in Scotland over Christmas, I get a glimpse of these on the surface of a frozen loch close to where my family live. I have a long-term fascination and reverence for the deeper intelligence in nature, and how phenomena like these are created.

I'm reading: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. I've loved Greek mythology since I studied Classics at school and this modern take on Homer’s Iliad is achingly tender, vivid, poetic and clever.  

I'm cooking/eating: Now that I'm back in Bali, I'm making the most of all the fresh seasonal produce and enjoying spiced flaked yellow-fin tuna and snake bean salad with shallot and torch ginger sambal by Christian Ong (The Pleasure of Eating Well). It's a delicious and natural way to increase my antioxidant and vitamin intake after long-haul travel and a winter visit to Scotland. I like to make this at home on occasion but enjoy it at its best when we go to Kudus House at COMO Shambala Estate. I've been a big fan of the COMO Group for many years, and particularly love COMO Shambala Estate for its breathtaking location.

I'm listening to: Paradise by Sade. It never grows old.