Our sustainability leadership award from Common Objective

We are thrilled and humbled in equal measure to receive a sustainability leadership award from Common Objective. Dedicated to building a community of like-minded people in a world where business works better for everyone and our planet, the Common Objective platform matches people with the tools required to create responsible and sustainable businesses.

common objective sustainable co leadership award

The rise of sustainable consumerism

In a retail environment where consumer knowledge around sustainability and ethics is more in depth than it has ever been, the CO Leadership Awards celebrate ambition for, and commitment to, great business practices that transform lives - and solve environmental challenges.

We are proud to be part of a growing collective of businesses that place people, purpose and planet at the heart of everything we do.

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Our impact

We pride ourselves on our business model, which is built upon our re-imagining of indigenous skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to create long-term positive impact and sustainable livelihoods within the communities that most rely upon them.

We are a positive impact brand that reflects a new generation of social entrepreneurs, driven by a mission to re-define the concept of luxury, while balancing both people and purpose. You can read more about our impact here.
STELAR our impact common objective

The winners

2022 award winners include brands, suppliers and organisations, all at the forefront of best practice in the fashion industry who meet at least four of the six CO leadership criteria across six different areas of business:

1. Mission
Is sustainability and ethical best practice enshrined as a core principle within your company’s mission?

2. Business Model
Does your company’s revenue and profit model maximise benefits to people and minimise impact on the environment?

3. Products and Services
Does your business offer well-designed, high quality products and services that maximise benefits to people and minimise impact on the environment?

4. Impact
Can your business demonstrate clear and specific positive impact on people and/or the environment through its operations?

5. Roadmap
Does your business have specific sustainability goals for the future? Have you built, or are you building, a roadmap towards those?

6. Communications
Does your business have strong communications that raise awareness, change behaviour, and have an impact on the industry as a whole?

Check out the Common Objective platform for the ultimate in sustainability resources and join their global network of businesses that are committed to making the fashion industry responsible sand transparent.

We recognise that sustainability and transparency within the fashion industry is an ever-evolving journey, and we continue to be committed to it. Together, we hope to move in earnest towards a huge change in the way the industry conducts itself, so that it takes full accountability for its actions and how we interact as a community.