Revive, Renew, Refresh

The inherent joyfulness of Spring really resonates with all of us at STELAR. At this time of year, we love to celebrate the versatility of our collection -  designed and crafted to freshen-up our look and celebrate lighter and longer days ahead.  It’s the perfect time to breathe new life into our existing accessories and have fun exploring fresh and new ways to update within our collection.


The essence of Spring epitomises our ethos at the heart of STELAR; reliable, reassuring yet reinvigorating. A new season that brings diverse pops of colour, texture and pattern. We welcome another Spring with the introduction of new vibrant colours and distinctive patterns, brought to life by the addition of a new jacquard strap on your drum bag. A simple switch of jacquard strap completely reimagines your bag and brings a new lease of life.

 Membawa Jacquard Strap


While our range is designed and crafted to last a lifetime, we also like to ensure there are lots of ways for you to freshen up what you already have, so you never have to compromise on style and charm.

Layering up our new STELAR bag and key charms brings a personalised look to your bag. These practical and fun accessories celebrate the skilled techniques of time-honoured weaving, hand crafted in soft leather and atta grass, inspired by the natural world of Bali. 

Adding one, or multiple charms to your bag brings a renewed sense of playfulness and freedom of expression that we’re sure you will  love.

 STELAR Ulu Tote Bag in Dark Olive


With fresh new beginnings on our minds, this is the prefect time for a spring-clean, whether it be our minds, our homes or our belongings.

STELAR pouches and wallets are designed to restore order to the everyday items jostling for attention on top of our dressers or at the bottom of our handbags.

These handwoven leather pouches, such as our gorgeous Arama, are not only the ideal companion to match with one of your STELAR bags - they also double up perfectly as a small chic clutch on a night out. 

A refreshing, multi-purpose accessory that is swiftly becoming a staple in every STELAR wardrobe.

 STELAR Artisan Leather Goods

As lighter days arrive and our diaries are finally filling up, why not dive in and treat yourself to something new as you embrace the joy of Spring.