Travels with my Bag

Travels with my Bag 

Our STELAR hearts sing when you send us pics, sharing your adventures with your bags from across the world. Whether at home or away, day-to-day or enjoying far-flung adventurous play.

We have a bag for every occasion and we love connecting with your story, be it a day out with your family or a weekend adventure with friends. 

Our bags are designed and made to last, for large and small adventures alike. Oozing with effortless charm and passion, every bag is versatile, unique and worth celebrating. 

#mystelar weaves together the stories of our community and connection through the journey of your bag. It makes our hearts sing when you share these life adventures with us. In turn, we are delighted to share your adventures with our STELAR family and the artisans who skilfully created them for you, a true circle of life and our far-reaching community. 


A celebration of design, consciousness, craftsmanship and community, your STELAR bag carries so much more than your everyday essentials, as you embark on your adventures.
And we love being part of it all.
 Happy travels and #mystelar.