Our bright new Spring Summer 2022 collection has launched. A celebration of carefree summer days by the ocean and a signature take on the classic Breton stripe. This week we dive into the history behind the Breton as well as our founder Lorna's love of the sea, both of which are the inspiration behind our contemporary new collection.


In 1858, the French Navy introduced a striped shirt for its uniform, otherwise known as the Breton, the marinière, or tricot rayé in French. The blue and white tee was an easy way to detect the whereabouts of unlucky French sailors who’d fallen overboard on the high seas. Stripes were also easy to knit at the time and the original design of 21 stripes were a tribute to each of Napoleon's victories.


Coco Chanel launched the Breton into the fashion mainstream in 1917, having been inspired by sailors' uniforms on her trips to the French coast. The simplicity and elegance of her collection made Coco one of the greatest fashion icons of her time and the Breton was at the heart of it. The classic stripe was adopted by Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe to name but a few iconic figures. In the 1980’s Jean Paul Gaultier further cemented this, when he repositioned the stripe at the pinnacle of fashion. Over the decades, the Breton stripe has become synonymous with timeless style. A much loved classic that we have loved reimagining and welcoming into our collection.


Our founder Lorna Watson has always had an affinity with the ocean, from her childhood in Scotland to many years living and working throughout Asia, including the past 5 years based in Bali. Most at home on a sailboat, or exploring ocean life under the water's surface, Lorna's new collection reflects the carefree and joyful spirit that being by the ocean evokes in many of us. "Growing up in Scotland, and spending a lot of my life in Asia, has cultivated a deep reverence for nature. I'm at my best  and feel most alive when I'm connected to the ocean."  


And so was born our Spring Summer 2022 collection, A fusion of our unique take on the classic stripe, along with contemporary shapes, and breezy ocean styling. Coupled with our synonymous high level hand-craftsmanship, this new collection promises to deliver timeless staples that have been designed and made to last.

So why not push the boat out and treat yourself to something new as you make the most of weekends away, days out with family or trips to the beach with effortless style and most importantly, a winning smile.