We collaborate directly with artisan communities in Bali and Lombok, working together to meet a number of meaningful, shared objectives. These include:

- Re-imagining and elevating traditional weaving skills to share them with the rest of the world

-Supporting artisans so that they can choose to remain in their communities, with flexible working hours from home

- Regenerating the rich, age-old craftsmanship that Bali and Lombok are well known for

- Utilising locally grown and produced materials wherever possible

- Providing long-term, consistent and well-paid livelihoods for existing and next generation artisans

- Creating a measurable, significant and positive impact within the communities we collaborate with

Putu Purnami | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Memen Oca | Master Leather Weaver

Pak Esa | Master Leather Weaver

Putu Awan | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Ibu Kadek Lily | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Ibu Made Sumiati | Master Leather Weaver

Pak Nyoman | Master Leather Weaver

Ibu Moly | Leather Weaver

Ibu Ketut Sepiani | Master Leather Weaver

Pak Dedik | Leather Weaver

Putu Eka

Pak Komang Rastika | Atta Grass Weaver

Nengah Mangku Karba | Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Komang Ari | Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Wayan Suladri | Atta Grass Weaver

Pak Ketut Plono | Master Atta Grass Weaver

Wayan Soma | Atta Grass Weaver

Wayan Durpa | Master Atta Grass Weaver

Pak Sucito | Leather Weaver

Ibu Ilu Watini | Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Nyoman | Atta Grass Weaver

Pak Ketut Putra | Atta Grass Weaver

Pak Wayan Kentil | Atta Grass Weaver

Putu Adi Ariawan | Apprentice Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Aton | Master Bamboo Weaver

Devi Purniawati | Leather Weaver

Niluh Suati | Atta Grass Weaver

Ibu Ketut Mariani | Atta Grass Weaver

Dwi Wati | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Ibu Puspa Wati | Master Leather Weaver

Intan | Apprentice Bamboo Weaver

​​Merlinda Wati | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Pak Fadli | Master Bamboo Weaver

Pak Yat | Bamboo Weaver

Uni Sahuni | Bamboo Weaver

Pak Taufik

Bulan Yuliarti

Ibu Ayu Ratnawati

Kartika Wiguna

Kadek Ardika

Pak Nengah Serinada


Wayan Suarsi

Ibu Wayan Kartini | Leather Weaver

Ayu Bintang

Ibu Enggar

Ibu Sanira

Ibu Sadiah

Ibuh Iluh Sugiarti

Pak Gustu

Ibu Baiq Idawati

Ibu Raehanun



Ibu Sumiyati


Ibu Uswatun Hasanah

Ibu Sholihah

Ibu Siti Rahimin

Ibu Sariyah

STELAR was founded in 2018 when we began collaborating with 5 artisans in a small atta weaving community in East Bali.

Since then, we have established strong collaborations with 

5 communities and over 60 highly skilled artisans

Celebrating 5 different highly skilled weaving techniques

In addition, we have founded an apprenticeship programme for next generation artisans. Over the past 6 weeks, we have fully trained

12 new apprentice artisans

We are committed to providing long term sustainable growth within these, and additional, communities and look forward to sharing regular updates with you.