While the Fashion Industry is beginning to embrace the idea of fair-trade factories, we have eliminated the need for a factory environment all together.

By working directly in and with the communities that create our products, we support our artisans to remain, and work, within the villages that have inspired their craft over many generations. 

"Working with STELAR gives me the flexibility to work from home, tend to my animals and have time for my family"

Pak Ketut Plono , master artisan

With the provision of flexible working hours that support their family responsibilities, our artisans are able to stay within their immediate community, optimise their natural creativity and harness the intelligence of local ecosystems that have supported them for generations.

By implementing conscious business practices, we are fostering gender equality, a working culture that is respectful and nurturing, and providing wages that allow our artisans to thrive, rather than merely survive. And with the addition of complimentary training skills, we aim to encourage long-term self-sufficiency and, hopefully, artisan entrepreneurs of tomorrow.