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Working directly with artisans in Bali to create unique, hand-woven and hand-crafted accessories that have history and meaning, STELAR is re-imagining indigenous skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to create long-term positive impact and sustainable livelihoods within the communities that most rely upon them.

Stelar has been awarded a CO 2022 Leadership award

The CO Leadership Awards, run by Common Objective (CO), reward excellence in sustainable fashion business.

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Our Artisan Community

Ketut Sepiani | Master Leather Weaver

Ibu Aton | Master Bamboo Weaver

Ibu Komang Ari | Atta Weaver

Pak Nenga Karba | Master Atta Weaver

Ibu Wayan Suladri | Atta Weaver

Ibu Aton | Master Bamboo Weaver

Ibu Ketut Mariani | Atta Weaver

Devi | Leather Weaver

Ibu Ilu Watini | Atta Weaver

Memen Oca | Master Leather Weaver

Nengah Mangku | Atta Weaver

Ibu Moly | Leather Weaver

Ibu Nyoman | Master Atta Weaver

Intan | Apprentice Bamboo Weaver

Niluh Suati | Atta Weaver

Dedik | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Pak Fadli | Master Bamboo Weaver

Pak Ketut Putra | Atta Weaver

Pak Komang Rastika | Atta Weaver

Pak Nengah Sudi | Master Atta Weaver

Ibu Moly | Leather Weaver

Pak Taufik | Tailor

Pak Gustu | Master Bamboo Assembly

Wayan Putra | Master Atta Assembly

Ibu Iluh Sugiarti | Leather Weaver

Wayan Suarsi | Leather Weaver

Jero | Leather Weaver

Ibu Enggar | Master Bamboo Assembly

Bintang | Head of Leather Tailoring

Kadek Ardika | Leather Apprentice

Kartika Wiguna | Apprentice Leather Weaver

Ibu Ayu Ratnawati | Leather Weaver

Ibu Sakdayah | Master Bamboo Weaver

Ibu Sanira | Master Bamboo Weaver


Our looks

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